Hi, I'm Lyric

I'm a freelance nonfiction editor based in Colorado Springs, CO.

You're writing a book!

Let's be real: The writing process can be pretty exhausting, and it can often be tough to get the words in your head onto the page in a clear and concise way. I get it, and I'm here to help!


Whether you're sharing your knowledge or expertise, inciting change in others, or guiding people through the ups and downs of life, I can help you turn your draft into a finely tuned finished product while maintaining your voice, vision, and style.

If you're ready to take your writing to the next level, you're in the right place!

How can I help?
Line Editing

I'll help you rewrite/rephrase sentences for better flow, and I'll perform a detailed check for proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


I'll complete a thorough check for proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling while also looking out for inconsistencies in content.


I'll fix grammar, punctuation, spelling, font, and spacing issues. Only blatant errors will be corrected.


*This service is only for projects that have been through several rounds of editing. 

Who do I help?

I specialize in helping metaphysical & spiritual writers share their guidance, advice, and/or wisdom. My aim is to help spread messages of love, healing, and growth.

My work spans many metaphysical & spiritual topics, including:

self-help/personal development

astrology (tropical, sidereal, traditional & modern)

witchcraft & other occult topics

herbalism, alternative medicine

tarot & oracle decks/guidebooks/instructional


"Lyric was so wonderful to work with! Her prices are fair and her work is outstanding! She definitely has the talent and the eye for editing! I recommend her to anyone who is in need of editing services. I am forever grateful for her, as she has helped to edit one of my biggest dreams in life: my first book. I plan on using her for future writing projects."

Joan Zodianz / Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Author / You're More Than Just Your Sun Sign

"It's been such a joy working with Lyric. I felt encouraged and energized to see her feedback and learned a lot by going over her corrections on my manuscript. And of course, it was a good surprise that her line editing includes two rounds of editing. Thanks, Lyric. I hope to work with you again soon."

Hiroyuki Miyazaki / Author / Discover Your Phoenix

"Lyric is an extremely professional and talented editor. I thought my memoir was in decent shape, but Lyric made the corrections it needed to bring the story to life. Kudos, blessings, and gratitude!"

Lewis Kempfer / Author / Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Having A Bad Life

"Lyric is an exceptional editor with a special knack for maintaining the author's voice and style. In addition to outstanding work, she's professional, communicative, concise, and keeps her word! I would absolutely recommend her for any editing project, as she's versatile and adaptable. 11 out of 10."

Glenn Lutz / Author / There's Light

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