About the Editor

As a hellenistic astrology student, self-proclaimed cosmic witch, and lifelong literary nerd, helping high-vibrational, heart-centered writers tap into their truth to educate and inspire others has melded together my passions.


For a long time, I hid my eclectic, occult interests, afraid of what others would think or say and constantly battling between what I've been told is right and what I know in my heart is my truth. 2020 was a year of self-discovery (thanks 1st house profection year), and it opened my eyes to what I've been subconsciously subjecting my soul to for all this time. I finally went deep within and accepted what my truth really is, whether or not I think it's something most people would agree with or understand. I've come to realize that the projections and insecurities of others are not for me to take on, and I want nothing more than to help you do the same with your writing project.

If you have a story, piece of advice, or words of wisdom you want to share with others but you're afraid to take that leap, I'm here to help. If your soul has been screaming at you to take this next step in spreading your message to the greater collective, you are in the right place to realize that dream and finally put your soul at ease.


I do not offer an easy fix, nor will I "write your book for you." Rather, I will help you understand the direction you'd like to take then flesh out the problem areas you may be facing so your message can be shared as eloquently, concisely, and effectively as possible. I am your writing partner, your literary guide, your editorial educator. I am here to help you along your writing journey so you can publish the book that's been on your heart, not the book others want you to write or expect you to deliver.

Thank you for considering me as the editor for your book baby. I hope you've been able to gain a sense of who I am and where my passions lie, and I hope you can feel the amount of pride and love I put into each and every project I work on. 

Check out the services I offer, and if you're ready to get started, send me a quick message! I can't wait to work with you!