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Developmental Edit

Rate starting at $0.04/word

Developmental editing is reserved for manuscripts in need of content and structural development. While proper grammar and spelling are always important for any piece of writing, this service will ignore that for now to focus more on what's being said (or not) and how we can improve the structure of your writing so everything flows seamlessly and concepts are explained thoroughly. Over the course of several weeks, I will dive into the weeds for you and highlight areas that could use more depth, suggest rewrites and content moves, and propose cuts as needed. I provide all my edits using Microsoft Word track changes, so you will be able to see every suggestion, edit, and comment I make.


This service includes two rounds of edits, between which I will schedule time for you to complete a review of my edits. In addition, after each round, you will have the opportunity to join me on a one-hour phone or video call so we can dig in together and I can answer any questions you may have. This call is completely optional, so if voice interaction is not your thing, we can email instead!

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