Developmental Editing

Rate starting at $0.03/word

Developmental editing is a first-draft revamp. I reserve this two-round service for brand-new drafts that are in need of major content and structural development. Be prepared to receive a heavy-handed, no-holds-barred manuscript evaluation. With developmental editing, I will:

  • give an honest critique of your book at its current stage

  • look over everything, from word choice to overall structure

  • advise when to cut, add, revise, or restructure content

  • suggest ways to improve your message, tone, style, and delivery

  • help you develop content that's perfect for your target reader

  • encourage you to cite your sources when necessary

  • (for those traditionally publishing) suggest ways to align content or structure with industry standards for your genre

Along with an edited manuscript, you'll receive an extensive critique letter that details all my suggestions, critiques, and comments in one place. You also have the opportunity to hop on a one-hour Zoom call with me once final edits are complete. This is where you can ask me all the questions you have and we can work together to get the kinks out of your book. This call is completely optional, so don't worry if Zoom is not your thing. We can just email instead. :)